Customer Satisfaction

We could talk in terms of flowers and rainbows about building relationships and making our customers feel good, but what matters most to us are actions. We take our work seriously, and that means building genuine and authentic relationships with our customers by delivering what we promise on time, on budget and with the highest level of quality possible. While we’re happy to tell you that we’ll have a great business relationship with you, we’d rather earn your trust and friendship with our hard work.

Quality of Work

At CM Construction, we like to believe that Our Projects speak for themselves. From the bidding process to the last coat of paint and the final piece of trim, our tradition of integrity and quality is what guides our work. If it isn’t done right, it gets redone. It’s a philosophy that’s plain, simple, and most importantly, honest.

Competitive Pricing

There’s an old trick in the construction industry where some companies will underbid a project to get the contract, and overbill later on essential elements that weren’t included. But CM Construction has a track record of bidding on projects with the highest level of integrity. When we bid on a project, we include everything needed to get the job done on time and with the highest quality possible. There are no surprises, no tricks, and we hold our subcontractors to our high standards. In an environment where pricing is important, you need to work with a contractor that believes integrity is the foundation to a great business relationship, and even greater buildings.

Solid Track Record

Not to sound blasé, but we’ve been there and done that. We’ve built a vast range of projects, from parking ramps to schools. From churches to clinical patient spaces in hospitals. We’ve successfully completed impressive projects that have resulted in satisfied client after satisfied client. Since our founding in 1992, CM Construction has grown from a small, family-run company to one of the largest and most diverse construction contractors in the upper Midwest for a reason – We do what we say we’ll do, and never forget our commitment to integrity and quality.