FOUNDED IN 1992, CM Construction, Inc. was born out of humble beginnings. Owners Chuck and Mary Lynn Peterson recall late nights as they prepared bids for potential clients, and 18 hour days where they juggled work, kids and, often, more work. Of course, that dedication and commitment put CM Construction on the map as our clients saw that the hard work of the owners carried over into the projects we’ve built.

The hard work of those early days continues to pay off as CM Construction has grown into one of the upper Midwest’s most successful and respected construction organizations. As Chuck Peterson says, “We still work as hard to win clients and to prove ourselves by providing the best service on time and on budget. While we’ll never forget what it took to get here, it’s nice to have grown into an organization that has experts at all levels, so Mary and I can delegate a little more, enjoy our success, and focus on working with our clients, which is our favorite part of this job.”

CM Construction Company, Inc. employs its own labor forces for demolition, concrete, masonry and carpentry to ensure quality workmanship and control. Our company is equipped to handle any construction project up to $35,000,000.


To offer the highest-quality construction services to owners, architects and engineers by paying special attention to detail. We serve and satisfy our clients by providing the best job possible, within time constraints and using the best of our own resources. We maintain a high-quality, service-oriented attitude that leads the industry and creates a sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.